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About Instant Ops

Instant Ops was established in 2008 as a result of the following observations that hold true for most organizations:

  • There is a strong desire for significantly better efficiency and effectiveness
  • These improvements require optimized processes and policies
  • The internal experts are generally too busy with core responsibilities to invest the time required to establish, document and institutionalize process and policy improvements
  • Most consultants lack the experience, expertise and focus to be able to create practical solutions for unique environments within reasonable time and cost levels
  • The use of templated materials is acceptable and desirable as long as it provides pragmatic value and can be tailored to address the specific requirements that apply

Since its inception, Instant Ops has provided a wide range of services to a wide variety of customers.  Services have ranged from improving sales positioning to deploying new IT Operations methodologies.  Customers have ranged from start-ups to large corporations.  The common theme among all of the engagements has been the rapid pace at which the work was conducted and concluded as well as the high quality of the service, the successful outcomes and the high level of customer satisfaction.

Instant Ops Introduction

The following presentation provides an introduction to Instant Ops and its offerings.

Instant Ops Introduction from Instant_Ops

Rapid service delivery is further accelerated when customers include one or more of the prebuilt documents and/or leverage structured service.

Services options are very broad and the examples provided on this site are just representative of the full range of possibilities.