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The scope of Marketing has evolved significantly with the development and popularization of Web 2.0 technologies.  The 4 P's of the Marketing Mix now coexist with social media, web presence and web content as critical components of Marketing success.  The strategic leverage of the Web, content, analytics and prospect nurturing,  often referred to as Inbound Marketing, is a key new way for organizations of all sizes and verticals to manage and grow their sales funnel as well as maintain closer ties with customers, for greater retention.

Examples of services that Instant Ops can provide to help improve one or more elements of Marketing include:

  • Product development
  • Product positioning
  • Channel model development
  • Competitive pricing analysis
  • Market and value analysis for price setting
  • Cost, price and margin modeling
  • Marketing budget analysis and development
  • Inbound Marketing program development
  • Inbound Marketing content creation
  • Inbound Marketing program management

Service Examples by Business Function