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Instant Ops services are focused on addressing a wide variety of needs in the core functional elements of a business.  All services provided leverage the Instant Ops 3D service model which focuses on the life-cycle implications of all recommendations and deliverables.

Functional Focus
The core functional areas supported by Instant Ops are Sales, Marketing, Operations and IT services.  These are the elements of a business that have the greatest impact on its success and therefore provide the greatest ROI for improvement.  Also, due to Information Technology's integration with all of the functional areas of a business, improvement in IT best practice has a particularly high value and can broadly improve business performance.

3D - Design, Deploy and Direct
A key aspect of maximizing the value of the service provided is to think beyond the literal scope of work and to the broader implications of the work and its deliverables.  This vision led Instant Ops to the 3D service model which illustrates the focus on the life-cycle aspects of the solutions it provides.

Service Examples by Business Function